How To Buy Used Christening Clothes For Your Boy

As family and friends gather to celebrate this important day in your boys life, it is imperative that your boy looks sharp. This can only be assured by buying him a beautiful christening gown. When buying christening clothes for children, there are two options that a parent can go for. The two options are buying a new gown or buying a used one. Regardless of which option you choose to use as a parent, it is paramount to purchase the best that there is.

Buying new boy christening clothes might not be a problem for most people but buying the used ones may be an issue as most do not know how to go about it. However, there is very little difference between buying used clothes and buying new ones. Due to this you will still need to consider some of the factors that you would consider when buying new christening clothes.

Factors to consider when buying used christening clothes


Regardless of the fact that your boy is going to wear the christening clothes only once or at most a couple of times it is still imperative to pay attention to the fabric. When buying christening clothes, you should always go for all-natural fabrics like linen, cotton or raw silk. Natural fibers not only look better, but they are also safer on your baby as they are not known to cause any skin problems.


The style is also crucial when buying these clothes. You baby will probably not have a say in this by virtue of being too young, but you should select a style that conforms to your personal preferences and tastes. There are plenty of styles to choose from, but they can be categorized into modern or traditional styles. If you want the baby to wear the same kind of clothes that the father wore then a traditional style is more favorable. If the idea is to keep up with the times, then a modern style will do.


Christening is a culture that has been there for very many centuries and due to this there are clothes from different eras. When buying these clothes, you should also consider the era that there are from. For example, vintage christening clothes are from the period before the 1900 while antique clothes are from the era after 1900. However, any christening clothes that are older than 20 years are also considered to be antique. You might not be able to find clothes that were made from this era, but you can always find some that replicate the designs from particular eras.


Fit means that your little boy will be able to wear the clothes comfortably without feeling suffocated. If you are planning to buy a modern tuxedo for the boy, for example, you should make sure that it is not too big for him. Also check things like sleeves and the neck to ensure that they fit correctly.

Other details to consider

The first four are the most important factors that you should consider when buying used boy christening clothes, but there are also a few other small details that you should look out for. Some of these details include the stitching on the buttons and also their colors. The button stitching has to be strong so that they do not fall off during the ceremony. In case the original buttons have been replaced you should also make sure the new ones are attractive, and they match well.