Choosing Wedding Flowers in Northampton

Choosing the right flowers for use during your wedding is very critical. From the bridal bouquet to the church decor to the reception, flowers play a very important role in making the day beautiful and perfect. As a couple planning for your wedding therefore, you should take your time in making your flower choice.

So, what should you bear in mind as you choose wedding flowers in Northampton?


The amount of money you have set aside for your floral needs is the number one determinant on your choice of flowers. It is advisable that as you settle on a figure for the money to spend on flowers early and talk to your florist (consider an affordable one). Prioritise which flowers you need and which ones you want so you know which to cut out in case the budget becomes too strained.

You may want a design you saw on a bridal magazine but this might prove strenuous to your budget. Better just settle for the best you can afford.

The wedding theme and colour scheme

Even as you hop from one wedding flower dealer in Northampton to another, remember your wedding theme is very important. Some themes will not agree with some flowers. For instance, gerbera bouquets would work with modern contemporary weddings but not a vintage theme.

The best flowers to go for are those that are of similar shades and tones as the colour scheme. Just play with these and you can get very unique results. For daring couples though, they can take to colour blocking using different shades of different but matching colours. This creates a beautiful colour explosion which will leave a lasting impression on your guests’ minds.

The wedding dress and personal preferences

The design and size of the bridal gown will greatly affect the bridal bouquet. You cannot wear a simple dress with a highly sophisticated bouquet nor the vice versa. The bouquet type and size should be proportional to the dress.

As a couple there will always be a flower type which is symbolic to both parties. If possible this should be incorporated in the bridal bouquet.

Silk vs. natural vs. Plastic

The material of the flowers to buy will depend on the budget and personal preferences. Plastic flowers are outdated as per say but you can still get them if you are really tight on your budget. Natural flowers are a good alternative but these will not last more than a week after the big day. Silk flowers are by far the best. They are cheaper than natural flowers and you can keep them for decades after the wedding or even resell them.

The wedding date season

Choosing flowers in Northampton will depend on the season your wedding date falls on. Different flowers boom during different seasons such as:

Winter – calla lily, jasmine, orchid, tulip, violet, anemone and narcissus.

Autumn – amaryllis, cockscomb, sunflower, ivy, zinnia, eucalyptus, sunflower, orchid and heather.

Spring – bluebell, camellia, foxglove, jasmine, lilac, iris, rose, calla lily and forget me not

Summer – lily, sunflower, rose, honeysuckle, peony, hydrangea, fuchsia, gardenia, daisy and wax flower.

Putting all the above factors into consideration will definitely guarantee you of an amazing choice of wedding flowers in Northampton which will make the big day stunning and memorable.