Have a Vintage Mug for Your Favourite Beverage

A mug is a large cup used for drinking beverages such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soup or beer. It has a handle and is larger than the standard cup. Mugs have been in existence since the early ages and they are still in use today. Even though they may be dimmed as old-fashioned by many when used in formal environments like offices, it is no doubt that vintage mugs are used in homes by people who enjoy their drinks.

With steel and strengthened glass designs, these mugs play a major role because they resist breakage. Decoration styles like silk screen printing where prints are imposed on mugs ensure their attractiveness and that the prints do not wear out easily. From artistic impressions to educative and informative or funny messages on these mugs, you can be inspired to make varied selections of them since they come in many models.

Below are some of the delightfully crafted vintage mugs:

Vintage Billboard Love/Hate Mugs. They measure 9 cm high and have exact diameter measurements of 9.0 cm. The Love You or Hate You messages printed on them can be used to simply portray feelings which may or may not be personal, or they may be used to provoke somebody in a playful manner. These ceramic mugs are ideal because they have thick walls which make them strong.

Vintage World Map Mug. Not only do you have the pleasure of sipping coffee or hot chocolate from this mug, but you also get to see how the world map looks like. It is a colourful mug as the countries in the world map on the mug are excellently distinguished by various colours. It measures 9 cm in height and has a diameter of 8.5 cm and is made of ceramic. It has a perfect size and shape and is not easily breakable.

Periodic Table Mug. This mug helps you learn about the types and arrangement of chemical elements in the periodic table. It is safe to use with the dishwasher and microwave. If you are a chemistry student then you are lucky enough to have this mug around you because not only will you be thinking of when coffee time will reach, but also you will have the elements printed on this mug at your finger tips just in case you do not need book reference. This mug’s height stands at 9 cm and has a diameter of 8.5 cm.

Bicycle Rider’s Favourite Tea Mug. With a diameter of 9.0 cm, this mug is made of ceramic and has the cream colour. It has a height of 9 cm and even though it comes with an old world design, it is a perfect gift especially for the aged people who love to ride bicycles.

Save the Planet Mug. If you are a person who loves nature and obeys its laws, then this ceramic mug is a suitable one for you. It has a large size with a height of 9 cm and a diameter of 8.5 cm. It is strong and safe to use with a dishwasher. Apart from the decoration, the message on the mug is probably meant to beseech environmental organisations to protect nature from destruction which may be due to human activity.

In conclusion, vintage mugs are a way of recognising exemplary past treasures. The printings made on them such as the font styles and the arts in various beautiful colours take many of us down memory lane as we reminisce the good old times. They are inspirational as some of them have wise words on them which encourage us to think big. For many years they have generated positive reviews from users who have enjoyed and still enjoy using them.