How To Fix A Tyre With A Nail Stuck Inside

That awkward moment you’re driving and then you realise one of your tyre’s are flattening due to having a nail stuck inside. What do you do next, see a car garage? Why, when you can patch the tyre yourself!

Before you start, make sure you have a car jack, lug wrench, pliers, knife and a patch kit. Then safely take your wheel off the car. Use a pair of pliers and pull that annoying nail out!

Then ream the hole a few times, but make sure not to make the hole to big. Put the plug into your plug tool, and ensure that it’s centered. Use the rubber cement and cover the plug and tip of the tool. Now when ready, insert the plug all the way inside the hole.

When confident it’s in properly, pull the plug tool out and cut the remaining plug off. After it’s dry, pump the tyre and it should be ready to go.