Men are becoming shopaholics

It’s a stereotype that’s been everywhere; stand up comedy, magazines, TV shows and in the news. “Women like to shop.” We’ve been told it for years, so much so that it almost became standard for everyone. Women shop and men watch sports. Times are changing though; men now are spending more than ever on the things that we tend to forget they’ve become obsessed with. Men are buying technology en masse; laptops, new TVs, games consoles, smartphones and all manner of gadgets and gizmos to make the little things in life go that much more smoothly.

But the big secret when it comes to men and shopping? They’re also getting more and more involved in their own appearances. Sales of men’s cosmetics are sky rocketing; while haircuts, new clothes and top end razers are also selling well. So don’t believe the myths out there about women and men when it comes to shopping!