Shabby Chic Clocks

Shabby chic is a style that has begun to sweep the fashion world by storm. That slightly off beat retro look; rough edges, a lived in appeal and a hefty chunk of personality to add a little bit of character to your home. Shabby Chic Clocks are one accessory that is quickly spreading among the most fashionable and the most fashion conscious in their homes. The one particular style of shabby chic clock that is proving the most popular is the retro train station look.

That particular style has proved to be the most popular; they are often simple in terms of the design of the clock face themselves, but the way in which they anchor themselves to the wall is where they all differ, and where the stylish appeal is born. They routinely have strong, industrial iron in their moorings to provide a no nonsense, workmanlike look, but such is the craftsmanship that they have smaller elements of personality that the skilled craftsman put into their design.