Shabby Chic Gifts

Shabby chic gifts for family, friends, or yourself come in a wide range to select from. These presents vary from elegant rings, gorgeous cars, jewellery, kitchenware, furniture, and other house accessories. Remember, women are not like men who you can give a simple card and some beer on their special occasion and they will be contented.

Women want their big day (birthdays) and occasions like anniversaries, engagements, and housewarming parties among others to be marked with fussing and celebration. 

The best shabby chic gifts, which you can give her on a special event, are home décor or elegant furniture. Typically, scurfy decor uses stylish, worn objects combined with some new items, which have an old look. Therefore, you have quite a wide variety of choices in home décor and house furniture at your disposal; it only matters with your creativity. Below, we have a list of vintage ideas that you can use today:

Picture and Mirror Frames 

Most women love taking pictures and in most cases, they wish to put their memorable moments in picture frames so that they can always remember. On the other hand, women also love looking at themselves into the mirror therefore picture and mirror frames made from wrought iron and wood, work perfectly in a threadbare stylish room. To give them an elegant look they can either remain natural or have a white distressed finish.

Candelabra and Candle-holders

These are must have items when it comes to decorating your scheme. An ivory or white distressed finish makes these modish house décor items a perfect match for your home.

Table Floor Lamps

Distressed and white surfaces are a good example of scurfy interior decoration. Solid or floral fabric lampshades add a perfect touch of colour.

Towel Racks

Weathered white paint makes the towel racks in your kitchen and bathroom unique. It is therefore a great grungy stylish home décor for your special woman.

Small Tables

Small decorative tables that come in various styles and sizes featuring carved wood, work as the central point. They have multiple uses in the house such as coffee tables, hall tables, side tables, and occasional tables and because of this, they are great presents for a grungy home décor.

Plant Stands

To add some personal touch to any home and especially for the dilapidated attractive home you can have a tiered plant stands. This is because they display the plants as well as other decorative objects.

Beautiful Lace 

The lace can be perfectly used as valances or curtains in a scurfy stylish room therefore a great present as a ragged elegant present. You can use the lace to cover the rungs of your coat rack or drape it on the back of your chairs. To give white laces a creamy look; you can stain them in tea.

Metallic and wooden shelves

You can get the carved wood or metal shelves from garage sales, gift shops, flea markets, and antique stores. These shelves add a special touch to your chicly home décor therefore a great bequest.

To wrap up, these are just a few of the immense assortments of furniture and home décor that you can give as shabby chic gifts for the purpose of home decoration. It is important to be imaginative to have fun by creating unique and beautiful designs, which you will enjoy for years.