Shopping when hungry

This is something that every single person has done. We heard the stomach grumble and thought it was time to get some food. We have opened the fridge, dived into the cupboards only to find absolutely nothing of sustenance at all. No crisps. No bread. No cereal. Not even one lousy chocolate bar. So we head out and go shopping. This is a rookie error and one I never seem to learn from.


When you are hungry everything in the supermarket is tempting. Why buy one bag of crisps when you’re hungry if you can buy a multi pack of 10? As you stroll down aisles you normally wouldn’t even look once at you find yourself buying all sorts of things. Pate? Why not. Haggis? Always wanted to try it. Scotch eggs? I didn’t like them last time but I am hungry… It is a bad idea people. Stop doing it. Stop doing it right now!