Tyre Fitters Based in Birmingham

Tyres are the most important aspect of your vehicle. Wheels on your vehicle not only enable it to move but also provide balance and stability. A good tyre fitter is necessary for getting the right tyres, recognising any internal damage, and replacing old, damaged tyres with new tyres that are compatible with your vehicle weight and model. Knowing about the various duties of tyre fitters in Birmingham can help you recognise a good one for your vehicle.

Tyre fitters install rubber tyres onto alloy or steel rims and balance the pressure in every tyre as per the tyre and vehicle specifications. The professionals also rotate tyres to provide a long wear life or to repair a damaged tyre. Given below are some other characteristics of a tyre fitter.


Some tyre fitters only work for passenger vans and cars, while others specialise in all types of vehicles. Certain tyre fitters are only trained for special vehicles such as tractors and farm equipment, heavy construction vehicles, and warehouse machinery. Most tyre fitters based in Birmingham cater to servicing commercial and private vehicles such as buses, trailers, cars, and motorbikes. Employers such as tow truck companies, tyre dealers, tyre rubber manufacturers, and repair shops hire the services of a tyre fitter for various reasons.

Tyre technicians rotate, repair, balance, and install tyres. The professionals also sell accessories to allow better road grip in snow, repair flat tyres, and install new tyres in a car manufacturing company. Tyre fitters are also known as tyre repairers or tyre technicians. The professionals also perform smaller jobs like inflating tyres and identifying tyre damage, mounting tyres onto the vehicles, raising vehicles using hydraulic jacks, reassembling tyres, and locating tubeless tyre and punctures. Tyre fitters also get rid of puncturing objects and replace old and worn valve stems. Along with this, skills of a tyre technician are used in sample tyre production to determine the wear life, strength, and performance in the tyres.

Working conditions

Tyre fitters based in Birmingham need physical ability and stamina to manipulate and lift rims and heavy tyres. The technicians also need to have proficiency in installing and repairing tyre equipment. Garages that repair and install tyres are usually noisy, but nowadays are less likely to be filled with grime and fumes from vehicles exiting and entering the premises. Tyre fitters work long hours and are usually open for emergency services. Some tyre stations on the motorways or on the outskirts of the city work in shifts to provide service to vehicles after-hours.


Tyre fitters based in Birmingham can work for many different employers like rubber manufacturers, repair shops, tyre stores, and automotive parts centres. The professionals also work at car dealerships, roadside vehicle service providers, and MOT vehicle garages. Tyre technicians may jump start vehicles, change flats, and call for additional mechanical help while working for a roadside service centre. Tyre fitters working in stores may manage tyre inventory, sell tyres and tyre repair equipment. Tyre technicians must be strong enough to lift heavy objects and skilful enough to repair and operate machinery safely. The technicians may have extensive physical labour in all weather conditions. The professionals must also have good customer skills to understand the problems of the customer and communicate solutions effectively.