Wedding Gifts for the Discerning Bride and Groom

Maybe you have a bride and groom with a shabby chic house. They are dear friends and have asked for small gifts for the house. So what kind of shabby chic gifts can you buy your soon to be married friends?

Let us look at the definition of shabby chic. It is a style of interior designing a house where the furniture and fittings are usually white and chosen for their appearance of signs of wear and age. They should still look attractive as opposed to battered and past their best. Typically the furniture, fixtures and fittings are feminine in their looks. The whole design should merge and meld together.

Wall ornaments, which are core to this kind of design, go very well in in a shabby chic house if your are a little budget constrained. There are many types of hangings, some with cute sayings, others with well known shapes such as ships, bottles, bird cages. Many of them are wood, as befits the genre. A few are well worn metals or even cloth based. All have their own charm.

In the same budget range there are myriads of shelf ornaments with bottles being popular as are dishes and figurines. Maybe a pair of bookends if your friends read a lot. Figures of birds are also very common.

No newly married couple can have enough photos and a photo frame or whatever size is always a welcome gift. Along the same line there are some beautiful mirrors in the shabby chic gifts options.

If you wish to spend a bit more then think about a storage box. From little trinket boxes that will sit on a dressing table to store the debris from a pocket overnight, to a jewelry box that will grace the new wedding rings. There are boxes to hold bills and statements, yet others to hold recipes and magazines and even larger ones to hold hobby equipment or maybe DVD’s. All of them look delightfully beautiful but a little care worn so that they fit into the d├ęcor.

If you have a little more to spend, think about a small table that can sit in the living area or even the home office. A coffee table is always welcome, especially if it can become a focal point. Maybe think about a pair of tables to go each side of the bed or a larger one to hold the music system. A modern home can never have too many tables.

Another common item on the shabby chic gifts list is a chair, particularly a rocking chair. If your bride and groom have or soon will have a young baby, a shabby chair to go in the nursery is a beautiful gift. If they have an older child then a children’s chair is a very thoughtful present.

Have a discrete look around your bride and grooms house to see what the might need. There are numerous websites and shops that sell shabby chic gifts. A quick view of what is on offer will soon have you purchasing a beautiful gift for the lucky soon to be married pair.