Baby’s Christening Gowns 2012


Since the mid-1700s, precious babies have been dressed in christening gowns. During that era, long robes with a low neck, short bodice, and short sleeves were the common daily outfit for baby boys and girls. Their christening attire may have included extra details or might have been created from finer fabric but the 1700s gowns resembled the baby’s everyday clothing.

Throughout the centuries, casual dress and special occasion fashions have gone through many changes but the christening gown has remained much the same. Cute and modern christening outfits, such as smart rompers and baby suits, offer contemporary style but the traditional, long gown is as popular today as ever before. Yet in 2010, a noticeable trend in christening gowns has emerged as more and more parents opt for multi-piece gowns – 2 and 3–piece sets – and even 4 and 5-piece sets for boys.

Heirloom Christening Gowns

A 2-piece christening outfit, including a christening gown and cap, has enjoyed popularity for years – even as far back as Victorian times. During that period, Ayrshire work, an exquisite form of white-on-white embroidery which was developed in Scotland, was used to embellish christening gowns. The beauty of Ayrshire work did not go unnoticed and soon mothers were also sewing baby bonnets to match the christening gowns.

Besides being an object of beauty, the Victorian bonnet served the practical purpose of providing warmth. Contemporary christening bonnets fulfill a similar need in modern times. Charming baby hats can offer style and fashion as well as cozy comfort on cool days. Through the years, religioussymbolism became attached to the baby bonnet. Its significance was similar to the wedding veil.

Today’s 2-piece christening gowns are available in every fabric and style. Two-piece silk, shantung, polycotton, or satin gowns are comfortable choices for little ones. Embroidered organza and beaded organza dresses offer double the style in gown/hat combinations. A shantung gown, with cut-out work and detail and charming hat to match, is perfect for any christening or dedication.

Two-piece combos can also include a gown and cape. An embroidered organza dress with an organza and tulle cape is an outstanding example of a fashionable set.  A ‘2-piece’ gown can also refer to a dress and train. A crystal organza and tulle gown with a detachable train is a gem of a gown. For boys, a 2-piece set can be a stylish satin or cotton romper and hat. A shantung gown with a special hat is a splendid style for a little boy.