Marking Your Baby’s Special Day

Many of us like to remember important events with a tangible item, and silk christening gowns certainly fit into this category. These gowns can occupy a cherished position in a hope chest, or become keepsakes to pass on to children when they grow up. Because they’re so popular, there are a number of silk christening gowns to choose from. Which one is right for you? Here are a few of the ones we like best:

Leila Silk Christening Gown

These ivory-coloured, single-layer gowns have an understated design that is quite elegant. These full-length silk christening gowns fall below the feet, for a very graceful look. They feature pearl and floral beading along the waist and netted sleeves. Some of the accents are a champagne tone, for an even more elegant look. The handmade gowns button in the back.

These rather plain-looking garments let your baby shine. People will notice your child, and not her dress. That’s not to say that the gown is unattractive. The extra length gives it almost a wedding gown look, and it’s sure to be a treasured keepsake for years to come. At just under £140, it also has a reasonable price. The gown does not include a slip, bonnet or anything else. That could be good or bad: your child may not be quite as dressed up, but these gowns are definitely low-maintenance.

Jessa Heirloom Baptism Gown for Girls

These white silk christening gowns feature bodices with pink braid trim and hand-gathered ruching. They have large bows in the back, and they’re also full-length. The three-piece sets includes gown, cotton slip and bonnet. The gowns also feature a European-style open back, which is a plus for some families.

This delightful set will definitely make her special day even more memorable. These gowns are very elegant and dressy, and they have an ideal colour for formal photographs. Because of their intricate designs, these gowns may be more difficult to store as keepsakes. The best solution is to hang them in a corner of your closet, where they will be undisturbed. A muslin preservation bag may do the job. For those looking for a more refined style, this gown may be an excellent choice.

Dupioni Christening Gown

These silk christening gowns are exclusively for newborns. They feature fine details, like crochet lace and hand smocking. The gowns have soft pink trim, which almost makes them glow. They have puffy sleeves and charming lattice necklines. The dresses also have a multiple layered look, which highlights the thin pink accents even more. The gowns come with matching bonnets.

These dresses are quite pretty, especially considering the price. It’s amazing how much a little extra colour can set a gown apart from the rest. These gowns are probably the best-looking ones that we’ve reviewed. If that’s important to you, buy one.

Christening is an important time in a family’s life. It’s a fun time to share with family and friends, and also an important statement that you’re going to try and be the best parent you can be. Celebrate the moment, and keep those memories alive for years to come, with silk christening gowns.