Supermarkets: The mecca of the town centre

You might think that I am a little bit odd when I tell you this, a little bit strange, but I think that going shopping, specifically to supermarkets, is one of the best activities, one of the most effective pass times, that we can do as people. There’s something special about them, something that’s very difficult to pin down. Could it be a combination of a number of important factors? Potentially. But what are they? Settle down a little, and I’ll explain it to you.

Is it the thronging mass of people? Maybe – it’s extremely comforting to be surrounded by so many like minded people, hunting out bargains. Is it the bright lights, illuminating and making you feel like it’s the middle of summer even if it’s dark and cold outside? Definitely; again, it’s comforting to the shoppers. The main reason we love it so much though, outside of the cheap food, is the bright colours!