12 Cup Cafetiere – The Finest Option for Coffee Lovers

What better way to get get your day off with an aromatic cup of your favourite hot beverage. People love bringing a Parisian cafe culture into their lives and with a selection of classic cafetieres, you can do just that. When brewing coffee at home or at work, you simply can’t go wrong with a French press or cafetiere and there are traditional French designs or more contemporary designs to suit your style. The beaker of a cafetiere is mostly made from either glass, stainless steel or plastic, and each of these materials have their own advantages and disadvantages.

For longevity, most people opt for the stainless steel, as this is certainly the most durable and least fragile. The capacity of a cafetiere is measured in small demitasse cups. A 3-cup cafetiere will make 360ml/12fl oz of coffee while a 12 cup cafetiere will make 1500ml/53oz.

Some Examples of Reviewed Cafetieres

A typical Parisian cafe culture style cafetiere is the Regent Coffee/Tea Maker cafetiere for 12 cups. Its chrome plated finish gives the pot an attractive look. With its 1.6 litre capacity and glass which is capable of withstanding extreme temperature, the cafetiere with its stainless steel frame is also dishwasher safe. Another cafetiere which makes a perfect cuppa is from Bodum. This particular coffee maker is made from heat resistant borosilicate glass which is also dishwasher safe. Although the coffee maker has a plastic lid, reviews reveal that customers are still thrilled with the performance of the Cafetiere. Other popular brands are Dreamfarm, Cafelat and Mottaclear X.

Large Cafetiere Great for Entertainers

These nifty plunger based kettles or jugs have been specially designed to offer you a single cup of coffee whenever you feel the urge to indulge. With their milk frothers you don’t only get a decadent taste, you get the best looking milk topping as well. Of course with a twelve-cup cafetiere a large number of people will be able to benefit from the rich coffee aromas and tastes together. The large capacity means that if you’re entertaining , everyone will be able to enjoy a cuppa at the same time.

You can buy ready ground coffee at most supermarkets, bearing in mind that Cafetieres require a coarser grind of coffee because of the larger size of the mesh in the filter. To use your cafetiere to its best advantage, always rinse the cafetiere out with some boiling water. Then its time to spoon in your freshly ground coffee and add hot water. Replace the plunger in the raised position onto the cafetiere and leave to brew for about 4 or 5 minutes. Slowly press the plunger down, allowing it to engage with the pod. Turn the lid to the open position and you’re ready to pour your coffee.

Compare Prices and Features

Pick a Cafetiere that will meet your needs. With a cafetiere which makes 12 cups, you won’t have to be filling it every time. Have fun exploring the different coffee strengths and flavours and if you are a family of coffee lovers, why not take advantage of large 12 cup cafetieres. Check out cafetiere review sites to find the right cafetiere from reliable retailers.