The Benefits of Using a 6 Cup Cafetiere

It may be convenient and quick to use an automatic coffeemaker but for style as well as flavour intensity, nothing beats a cafetiere. When coffee grounds are allowed to mingle with water before being pressed, it creates a thicker, stronger mug of coffee, retaining sediments and essential oils that a coffeemaker’s filters would otherwise tend to catch. If you have a 6 cup cafetiere stored away in your cupboard, now is the time to dig it out and start using it. Your mornings will just never be the same once you begin to use this method of brewing coffee.

Using First Rate Beans

To make the perfect cup of coffee, you will need first rate beans. Just-ground beans emit their flavour in such a distinct way that you may even want to add a bean grinder to your morning coffee collection. Finding the right blend of coffee is important to a great morning cup of coffee as well. Medium or coarse grinds prevent any from escaping the cafetiere filter. Also, there is nothing like a squeaky clean coffee press to bring out the ultimate flavour of your coffee. For this reason, ensure that you are using clean materials before you even begin!

Home Brewing with a Cafetiere

When you want to home-brew coffee, using a French press or a cafetiere is the way to go. Coffee experts know that when you correctly use a cafetiere, you get almost-perfect coffee, as this brewing tool is best for showing off the unique coffee aroma, the rounded flavour and the robust, distinctive taste of each blend. If you need to grind your coffee before using it in the cafetiere, use a fairly coarse setting or use Omni-grind coffee if you buy your coffee pre-ground. To determine what size of French press to use, keep in mind that if you are three or four people, you will need an 8-cup cafetiere. For just one person, a 3-cup cafetiere is used as this fills up three demitasse cups. For just a couple of people, use a 6 cup cafetiere. Per mug, use a minimum of two rounded spoonfuls or 25 grams. Keep in mind that putting in too little coffee will result in a bland, nondescript taste. Thus, if you are making six cups of coffee, use 40 grams of ground coffee.

Perfect Every Time

Once you have scooped the coffee into the French press, boil some water. Once water has been boiled, wait half a minute before pouring the right amount into your cafetiere. Ensure that the grounds have been moistened completely. Let water become absorbed before you add more water into the container. You will get more formed froth on top if the coffee has a dark roast, or if it is fresh-ground. Add more water to adjust the color of the coffee. Give the coffee a couple of stirs with a long spoon after it settles. Do not stir too vigorously. Next, allow the grounds to settle before placing the lid and plunger on top. Let the coffee sit without plunging for four minutes. Next, press the plunger down slowly and carefully so as not to let any grounds escape the filter. Once the plunger is fully pressed, serve the coffee and enjoy the perfect cup.