Getting to your local early

It is 2:15 P.m. The school’s finish soon. This is a dilemma for people who need to go to their local shop to pick up a few bits and pieces. So what are we supposed to do? Do I wait for the rush to die down? Wait for the over zealous parents who lurk outside the school because paedophiles to pick up their snotty brats and go home? Or do I risk the wrath of the pre-school parental nonsense to avoid the middle school students finishing school and hanging around outside the shop, loitering like chumps.
It is a tough decision; but seeing how my Chromebook battery only has a few minutes left I think the decision is being taken out of my hands. I am going to finish writing this article, take off my yoga trousers, put some damn socks on and risk it. Still; it’ll be good for some fresh air and a bit of exercise. It might even inspire another article!