The pay day spend

There is one thing that all of us look forward to at the end of a long and hard month; pay day. That one day that rewards us for the toil, sweat and tears that we put in at work just to get that little slip of paper that validates it all. For some of us it goes out that much quicker than it comes in, with bills and commitments, tax and pensions, student loans and national insurance all to be paid and stripping down our earnings to the bare minimum. Occasionally though, we’ll end up with a good month where disposable income actually becomes the reality, rather than a dream.

But what pitfalls are there to avoid? What will our partners say if we come home with a guitar or a new sports car? There are certain things you should avoid buying to steer clear of the mid life crisis accusations. Why not a new appliance for the home? A little bit of DIY to brighten up one of your well used rooms? It might only be small; but those things make a real difference.