The legend of pretox

This will be an interesting topic to many, I am sure, who have suffered with raging hangovers over the years. I haven’t had too many horrendous ones, since I’ve curbed my out of control drinking and adopted a few safety measures to limit the effects of the hangovers on my beautiful body. Firstly I drink water, in addition to alcohol, all night and then again before bed. Granted, it doesn’t stop the hangover itself – but by making sure you’re not dehydrated it goes some way to restoring normal human function.


The second is something I have been buying for a number of years. Alibi. It’s an energy drink, of sorts, that you can find in most supermarkets. It labels itself as a “pre-tox” drink that contain s100% of your RDA of a number of vitamins that, it claims, you lose over the course of an evening’s drinking. The idea is you top them all up before hand so, after a few too many pints and trips to the bathroom, your body is no worse off than when you started.